Working with Replace Dialog

You display Replace dialog in CDR(s) view and choosing in menu: Edit -> Replace (Mode) (Ctrl-R). Then you define search field criteria and replace field criteria.

Replace Dialog allows:

  • Search field selection
  • Bracket checking
  • Field operators’ selection
      - for numbers: =,<>,>=,<=
      - for text: q (equals), cn (contains), ne (not equals), nc (not contains), sw (starts with), ew (ends with), nsw (not starts with), new (not ends with)
  • Boolean operators’ selection
  • Replace field selection

Replace definition:

  • $DEL
      - for field deletion
  • $ADD`Value
      - for adding field when does not exist
  • $ADA`Value
      - for adding field
  • $`X:Y`
      - set new value as substring from original value
      Example: $`1:4` or $`5` or $`:3` or $`4: ` - space is required
  • &`Value,Date_Format`
      - for setting date
        Example: U1273239097 – Unix time
        Example: 20100501100000
      Date Format:
        Example: YYYYMMddHHmmss

        G - Era designator
        y - Year
        M - Month in year
        w - Week in year
        W - Week in month
        D - Day in year
        d - Day in month
        F - Day of week
        E - Day in week
        a - am/pm marker
        H - Hour in day(0-23)
        k - Hour in day(1-24)
        K - Hour in am/pm(0-11)
        h - Hour in am/pm(1-12)
        m - Minute in hour(0-59)
        s - Second in minute(0-59)
        S - Milliseconds
        z - Time zone General time zone
        Z - Time zone RFC 822 time zone
  • ~`Regex/Replace_Value`
      - set new value with regular expression from original value.
      Example: `01.4/333`
Replace Dialog