CDR Editor is simply to use powerful ASN.1 editor and viewer for almost every ASN.1 format. Its great advantages are very good search and replace functionality and processing of remote file(s). It is a multi-platform application which can run on Windows (XP, Vista, Seven), Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and HP-UX.


  • Built-in FTP, SFTP client and file search (remote, local) for adding file(s).
  • Saving selected fields as text, tsv and ASN.1 file(s).
  • Exporting selected fields to Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL database.
  • Adding, deleting, editing, searching and replacing fields in ASN.1 file(s).
  • Showing and searching in multiple files which could be packed with GZIP.
  • Simple format editor and format converter from ASN.1 specification to internal format (Still experimental function. We are ready to convert any needed format from ASN.1 specification for free).
  • Functionality for creating user defined search criteria(s).
  • Functionality for creating user defined sumarization fields.
  • Command line options for usage in scripts.
  • New - Added AIR, SDP, Ericsson SGSN formats.