Working with CDR(s) View

You select a CDR(s) View after decoding file(s) by clicking on tab "CDR(s)" with the left mouse button or in menu View -> CDR(s) View.

CDR(s) View

Right click on the field will display a context menu.

CDR(s) View Menu


    Display Add dialog for adding field on the same level
CDR(s) View Add Menu

Add Subfield

    Display Add Subfield dialog for adding field on next level
CDR(s) View Add Subfield Menu


    Display Edit dialog for editing selected field(s) value in current the CDR(s) page.
CDR(s) View Edit Menu


View as Text

CDR(s) View View as text Menu

View as TSV

CDR(s) View View as TSV Menu

Select all

Deselect all

Other commands using in CDR(s) view